The change I always refused

With every new chilly morning we all expect a change, well that change can be anything, it can be a major change or a minor one, it can impact and the impact  which might bring in some transformation within us. Now it depends on us how positive or negative we are to that change. We all expect it when it is really difficult for us to move on and yes it is not a easy thing to shift gears. It is uncertain, confusing, irritating and painful but we eventually do accept it.

Life for me is changing and what drives me to write this is how wonderful it is when I am facing the transition. It is beautiful because I do not know when and where I will eventually end up, it is beautiful  because I have learnt to value relationships and exactly because I am distancing myself from the people who I would love to have in my life. I realize it is indeed a test but more than that it is how well I will cope with the very word , change.

I learnt the fortune of having a family when I left them to stay away, my place, and how wonderfully unique it is to me, my life home and the essence of having a cozy nest back at my place whenever and wherever I went . Will you not agree that it happened because I moved on, I went through the pains of leaving it all behind ? Had I refused it which my heart would always give a thumbs up to, I would still be like any other  person who curses his life and surroundings for his state of affairs.

An unfair and rude angel that it is , change comes to you when you start enjoying where you try to fit in for a long time and once you do it will come and whisper  to you that all of it will be ending soon and it will not be the same anymore. Being a half adult half child I have been facing a lot of emotional dilemma. High school is over for me and just when I so very badly wanted it. On top of that I belonged to a boarding school. Little can anybody else realize what bond is shared when a whole bunch of chaotic, confused, emotionally high, uncertain and “do not care” attitude teens come under a roof that too for years not just months.

But as I said all of us we have emotionally refused change but practically we know it is the right thing because now that all of us go different places, have different ambitions, move away from each other we have oiled the very chains that have bound us to heat it even more furiously. Change is teaching me to celebrate separation, cherish uncertainty, be anxious for a hazy future, and finally the people I love and care will always stay because they are meant to and they always have their place, the life I will miss will help me experience the new one with even more enthusiasm, and the pain that I will take is worth the effort because change is a teacher who will be cruel from outside but makes us the person we are supposed to be!

And so with every new chilly morning I will awe at the beauty of the red sky I will rush out to feel the cold breeze , put my head up, close my eyes and run as fast as I can.

2 thoughts on “The change I always refused

  1. Kartika Jhanjee March 25, 2018 — 4:40 pm

    Beautifully written Mish !
    Gives the reader an insight into your thoughts.Loved it !


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