guddusketchHe was watching the two drops of rain racing with each other across his glass window leaving behind their trails. It had been a gloomy day with the clouds hiding the sun somewhere that it might have been difficult to predict when was it ever going to shine through them again. Holding his coffee mug and standing on one of the highest floors in the skyscraper, all he could wonder about was how had he been so normal through out those times; the times when he could dream of what he actually wanted to dream and eventually the times when the only thing he was doing was building his impression for the society.
Yes, the dreaded days had passed but not their charm. As a child he was the always homesick and someone who could never open his mouth in confidence. Maybe because something horrific always haunted him when he slept. He loved his parents but what could he do to help them from ripping each other apart. Sometimes all he could do was gaze with innocent eyes at them with desperation as they howled at each other. Tender age did not matter because he learnt that people could curse each other for no reason, he had known the meaning of failed relationships, the feeling of a helpless child protected from the external evils but yet vulnerable to a very harsh breakdown emotionally. The only thing that he could wish was a longer happy break before the onset of another big and terrible conflict.
As he grew up things became a little better. He loved education although he was never really interested in the long and formal school hours. Friends filled up the gap for some excitement and his maturity way ahead of them often put him in difficult situations. An artist to the core he found his gradual interests in sketching landscapes and Arial views of towns and cities because somehow he wanted to capture the running life of these places in a piece of paper and as a whole! His aspirations were shaped in the imagination that he could never fulfill. He felt emotionally for movies, history and society, things very different from common student folks of this age where technology has an edge.
It was a result of his thought process, things early had forced him to think deeply. He always got attached to people very quickly. Maybe because he was hollow somewhere inside his mind or maybe because he always wanted to identify who were the ones who will be a part his life. Failed relationship made him shiver when he thought of his own future, an abstract imagination helped him bud his own friendship and bonds. Most probably he was eventually finding the people who he had started loving and respecting, the people who could never tell him on his face but did secretly want him and fell for him, the people who were finding their own identity in him and finally the people who were as different as him maybe in their own way. He would smile because he knew those horrific days were over. A dark day and even if not physically but his special ones would definitely give him shoulder to rest on. Funny but true, now his darkest fear was losing these people.
Pretty beautiful a transformation but as he stood with his coffee mug in hand the rain had stopped and the sun had come out fighting the ugly grey clouds. At a distance he could see its rays falling on the high towers of this modern city and as it widened the view surprisingly it looked exactly similar to the one he once used to sketch on a piece of paper. Had he conquered his imagination? or was he a puppet in the hands of time that once snatched away what he always desired, the aspiration to be the star of pen and paper, an author.

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